Welcome to the ski touring paradise in Graubünden

...lonely peaks, cosy huts, untracked powder snow...


Cross Graubünden on skis - between the Julier and Flüela passes you find the beautiful ski tours of the Graubünden Haute Route. A five-day tour, combined with overnight stays in four huts that could not be more different.



For summit strikers, there are some exciting 3000-meter peaks along the way that can be discovered in addition to the "normal programme". Also snowshoe walkers can enjoy the Haute Route: the 2nd and 5th stages are slightly adapted for this, so the tour becomes a unique experience even without skis! The tour can also be booked in the "light version". In this case, one hut is left out. For these modified forms, it is best to contact one of the hut wardens, who will be happy to provide you with information.


Under "Reservation" you can easily contact us and we will reserve the whole tour for you!


The huts of the Haute Route Graubünden start the winter season on 12th of February 2022 in die Wintersaison.
We look forward to many visits!



The hut wardens of Jenatsch-, Es-cha, Kesch-, und Grialetsch

Nice to know


(Ski touring bus getting you to the Julier pass from Bivio or Silvaplana )

Avalanche bulletin

Weather forecast

Military shooting notice

In the Grialetsch area (especially around Grialetsch hut, Kesch- and Es-cha hut less affected) the Swiss Army carries out shooting exercises in autumn and spring. Please note the instructions of the Swiss Air Force and follow the link below for the exact shooting dates:


Car park at Julier Pass



There is on car park on the Julier Pass where you can leave your car free of charge for the days of your tour.
Please do not use the car park at the restaurant La Veduta...

There are other parking spaces at the top of the pass or at Alp Güglia.

Jill Lucas (Verantwortliche Haute Route Graubünden)

081 833 29 29 - info@chamannajenatsch.ch